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Auto-Trail Expedition

Here at Cranham Leisure, we want to make sure that you get what you’re looking for. In our new Auto-Trail motorhomes we have the new Expedition range, which offers plenty of possibility for price you can’t refuse! The possibilities are limitless with the choice of four or six berth motorhomes, and four separate layouts, with something to suit all tastes.

On active holiday adventures or weekends away with the family, you’ll never worry about having too much or too little space. You’ll be able to tailor your vehicle to your needs with a wide range of layouts available the Auto-Trail Expedition. Ranging from 6.34m to 7.25m and available in Salina oak wood colouring, get ready to make a statement in the travel world with this Auto-Trail Expedition motorhome.

The Auto-Trail Expedition is built on the new Fiat Ducato series 8, Euro 6D chassis and comes with a 140bhp engine as standard. It is comfortable to drive and is practical, with the option to choose up to 180bhp (the 160bhp, 180bhp and 9 speed automatic gearbox are all cost options).

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Auto-Trail F Line

Auto-Trail’s new line of coachbuilt motorhomes are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Built on a new Ford Transit chassis with a 130bhp engine, these six specified motorhomes range from 5.99 to 7.32m. They’re the perfect size, with plenty of living and storage space. You’ll love their sleek and aerodynamic exterior, electric drop-down bed, sweeping panoramic skylight and optional half dinette, which is ideal for relaxing and playing board games with the kids.

The Auto-Trail F-Line coachbuilt motorhome features modern, sleek design that’s perfect for anyone ready to begin their touring lifestyle. Available with five exclusive external colours and a range of dynamic decals, the exteriors can be customised to match your personality. To find out more about our new Auto-Trail motorhomes, and the Auto-Trail F-Line, talk to our team at Cranham Leisure and we can answer all of your questions.

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Auto-Trail Imala

The Auto-Trail Imala is perfect for any adventure. Whether you are hiking, cycling, rock climbing or canoeing, the new Auto-Trail Imala motorhome has it all. You can choose from four different layouts and the option of a two, four, or six-berth motorhome.

A true all-rounder, the Imala from Auto-Trail ranges from 6.34m to 7.25m. The Imala’s interiors are sure to impress – with plenty on offer to meet the needs of couples, families, and everyone in between. Plus, the exterior will immerse you in a rich Moyet Oak wood colour.

As with other new Auto-Trail motorhomes, the Imala has a 140bhp engine as standard, and is built on the Fiat Ducato Euro 6D chassis. The Imala is a pleasure to drive with practical design and affordable features; you can enjoy your motorhome without spending a fortune.


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Auto-Trail Tracker

The 2023 Auto-Trail Tracker coachbuilt motorhome range offers sleek, low-profile styling with Auto-Trail graphics and a range of interior cab colours to suit your tastes. The homely feel throughout is characterised by spacious front seating areas, L shaped kitchens and modern upper locker doors, with an open living space designed to attract lots of natural light. In addition, all 2023 Auto-Trail Tracker models (excluding the EKS) come with dropped down entrance steps for easy access to your motorhome.

The Auto-Trail Tracker 2023 line, with its low over-cab moulding and panoramic window, is sure to wow you. There’s also the fully moulded rear panel, which includes special LED lights. New Auto-Trail motorhomes in the Tracker line-up come with motorhome WiFi as standard, whilst the Media Pack is available at an additional cost for all models. The Auto-Trail Tracker can accommodate four people, with the option to choose a drop-down double bed for even more comfort – a great choice if you’re looking to welcome additional guests.

Auto-Trail Frontier

Our new 2023 Auto-Trail Frontier is built on the AL-KO chassis with a driving force of 140bhp or 160bhp. The six-berth motorhome has great road manners for its passengers, with no compromise on comfort.

Available in six cab colours that complement your design, Auto-Trail Frontier is the perfect vehicle for your next adventure. The latest bonded body construction methods and insulation materials will keep you cool during summer days, and warm during winter nights, providing you with the very best home-style comforts. This can be accredited to the fully integrated ALDE hydronic heating system on the Auto-Trail Frontier.

For the 2023 season, all Auto-Trail Frontier models come equipped with WiFi and a Smart TV as standard. You also have the choice between different bed configurations in the Delaware and Comanche models. A high-bed option is available and a six-berth motorhome configuration will provide you with an  undisturbed night’s sleep and more storage space underneath for your family luggage. No matter what Auto-Trail Frontier you choose, the whole family can relax in comfort! Find out more information about the Auto-Trail Frontier and new Auto-Trail motorhomes at Cranham today.


Autotrail Grande Frontier External Min - Cranham Leisuresales Ltd

Auto-Trail Grande Frontier

The Auto-Trail Grande Frontier A-class motorhome delivers classy and contemporary design, with LED external lighting, daytime running lights and a detailed Auto-Trail puddle light on the driver’s door. The standard Media Pack includes a Smart TV, DAB radio and motorhome-specific sat nav system. The Auto-Trail Grande Frontier motorhome comes with striking designs on either side of the cabin to create an elegant and luxurious look which is hard to miss on the road!

The Auto-Trail Grande Frontier range consists of three models, all which have different lengths – with each layout featuring a brand-new upholstery scheme. The dashboard is wrapped in soft touch materials and the engine covers 140bhp (160bhp on GF-88). For even more convenience, WiFi is available on every model, along with motorhome features such as drop-down over-cab beds and fully integrated cab blinds. They also come as standard with an electronically operated windscreen blind.

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Shop Closure Announcement - It is with great regret we must announce, that due to staffing illness, our shop at Hatfield Peverel will be closed until further notice.