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Bürstner Eliseo Active

The Bürstner Eliseo is perfect for living life on the move. The Bürstner Eliseo combines class-leading comfort with contemporary design, clever space design concepts, and much more. Our new Bürstner campervans can be used for all sorts of adventures, whether it’s a weekend break away or an extended summer holiday.

Combining style and functionality in one compact space, the Bürstner Eliseo has everything you need on the road. Inside, choose from between two to five berths to suit your needs, with comfortable seating for travelling in style. You’ll enjoy the cosy atmosphere with dimmable lights and a comfortable lounge – just what you need to relax! Models come fitted with a single or double bed, a bar version with a sideboard and table or an additional tower refrigerator. You won’t have to compromise on anything inside the Eliseo Active. It’s more than just your average campervan.


Comfortable Cabin and Interior

The Bürstner Eliseo Active has a spacious front and a cover with optional sunroof. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, diner, and washroom setup with sliding doors and practical shelves to provide even more storage space.

You just had a long drive, so you’re feeling exhausted. After all those days at the beach or playing sports, you deserve a refreshing wash or shower! The Bürstner Eliseo has a fully functional washroom with a sink, pull-out shower head and hose, and even a window for fresh air. So when you need a break, this campervan has everything you need to freshen up.

Excellent Home Lighting Features

Soak in the light, all day long, with the optional sunroof which helps to create a comfortable environment; there’s nothing quite like enjoying the starry night sky while sitting inside, safe and sound.

Our new Bürstner campervans have a fantastic multi-functional design. Winner of the German Design Award in 2021, the Bürstner Home Light can easily be installed on magnetic brackets, lighting up the areas of your home that you need most. It also has an adjustable dimmer to help create the perfect ambience. In your new Bürstner campervan, you won’t find a better feeling than relaxing after an exhausting day and falling asleep in the comfort of your very own campervan – with the optional pop-top roof providing additional sleeping accommodation. Start dreaming of your next adventure today.

Impressive Storage Solutions

When you’re on the road, especially on longer trips, it’s essential to have space to store all your belongings. Bürstner takes time to optimise every inch of space. With a rear garage area, functional overhead lockers, and large wardrobes, Bürstner has ensured that everything has its own space. Our new Bürstner campervans are comfortable and accommodating. You can find a dining space and kitchen area with a compressor refrigerator ranging from 70 to 138 litres in volume (layout-dependent), and a contemporary washroom with toilet and showering facilities. You can find a bench seat with a reclining feature, and the beds have multi-zone cold foam mattresses.


The new Bürstner Eliseo is built on a Fiat Ducato chassis and comes with a range of safety features, including ABS, electric stability control, traction control and hill-start assist. This stylish campervan is available in six paint colours, fitted with aluminium window frames, cassette fly screens, and black-out blinds on the skylights. You can add an optional sunroof to let in some extra light – perfect for those summer days! Overall, the new Bürstner campervan range has a fun design and is functional with a range of new driving technologies. If you’re looking for a brand-new camper, your can browse our range of new Bürstner campervans online or get in touch to arrange a viewing.

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