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Carado is a leading supplier of campers, motorhomes and campervans. From two person camping weekends to those of a full family, we have the vehicle you need for your perfect camping holiday. Available in diverse layouts, our motorhomes and camper vans come with extensive equipment options at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
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Carado CV-Series

Camper Van

The Carado campervan¬†offers a smart and versatile way to get from A to B. It can be used as an everyday vehicle when you’re driving to and from work, but it’s always ready for the next holiday. Load up your favourite people and off you go!

Body and storage space

Insulated Carado campervans are multifunctional. These vehicles can be used as regular everyday cars, but they also offer the pleasure of travelling in a compact space. They include swivelled front seats and well-placed windows that come with a seven-year warranty against water ingress.

Living room

The living space is functional and super cosy! The ergonomic upholstery, integrated storage compartments and interior lighting make it comfortable. All you need to do is turn your seats around and you’ve created a cosy seating area.

Sleeping area

Whether you’re travelling internationally or just to your in-laws house, high-quality mattresses ensures that you get a comfortable night’s sleep.


With our campervans, you can cook while enjoying the luxury and convenience of home. The ergonomic kitchens allow you to prepare delicious meals with ease, featuring two-burner hobs, storage spaces and compressor fridges.


A sunrise waking you up to enjoy a hot shower and fresh clean clothes? Yes please! Carado campervans feature contemporary bathrooms with fixed washbasins, cassette toilets and recessed LED spotlights – creating the perfect atmosphere to wake up your whole body.

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