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Discover the new range of Carado motorhomes and campervans here. Whether a compact motorhome for two people, slim van for a city trip, large motorhome with alcove for the whole family or fully equipped special model, Carado has you covered! Carado motorhomes and camper vans are available in various layouts to choose from to suit your tastes. We thereby offer you extensive and individual equipment options at a top price-performance ratio!
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Carado I-Series:


Seriously easy-going on the road. Carado’s integrated motorhomes are the perfect home on wheels, with integrated driver’s cabs to make each vehicle feel unbelievably spacious.


Body and storage space

If you’re searching the market for a new motorhome, look no further than Carado. These luxury vehicles are made with durable glass-fibre reinforced plastic and aluminium, providing so much space for your entire family to enjoy. What’s more is that it’s backed by a seven-year water ingress warranty.

Living room

The sleek, integrated design takes luxury comfort to another level. With indirect lighting, high-quality interiors and plenty of space for you and your luggage, travelling will be an absolute delight. The integrated model’s range of smart details make it a true joy to explore.

Sleeping area

Pull-down beds that use heat and humidity control elements are standard in Wincab motorhomes. Along with the high-quality mattresses, you’ll sleep like a baby every night.


Whether you’re coming home after a long day at work and need a quick meal for two, or if you’re just tired of cooking every night, the kitchen in this motorhome range is perfect. With a three-burner hob and plenty of storage space, it’s easy to cook up anything from a gourmet meal for eight people to a fresh salmon fillet for two.


Cleanse and relax in comfort. Bathrooms in the Carado I Series either come with a combined unit featuring a toilet and shower or separate toilet / shower rooms,, depending on the model. Nevertheless, all bathrooms in integrated motorhomes offer convenient features such as large mirrors, recessed LED spotlights, and cassette toilets. Plus, it’s spacious enough for total comfort.

Carado T Series External Min - Cranham Leisuresales Ltd

Carado T-Series


Compact and aerodynamic, plus an incredible number customisation options. Our semi-integrated motorhomes come in many different layouts. There’s a motorhome to suit everyone at Carado. Holiday, here we come!


Body & storage space

Ready to go on holiday? Every semi-integrated motorhome has a body made of durable glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) with aluminium side walls, with every vehicle coming with an impressive seven-year water ingress warranty. Bulky items fit neatly into the ample storage spaces, and the huge rear garage ensures all your valuables are safe at all times.

Living room

Sit back, relax and make yourself at home. The living room is outfitted with indirect lights, sturdy seat covers on ergonomic furniture, and plenty of useful features like USB ports, energy-efficient light bulbs and – of course – the electric entrance ramp.

Sleeping area

In the Carado, you’ll sleep soundly. The quality mattresses and removable covers are comfortable and make for a pleasant experience. Another option is to request a pull-out bed with the climate control system, ClimaPlux.


The cook’s kitchen offers plenty of ergonomic spaces, with cooking appliances including a three-burner stove, a stacked dishwasher and plenty of storage spaces.


The master suite has a re-designed bathroom with new fittings, such as luxurious mirrors and recessed spot lights. Bathrooms also come with cassette toilets for easy servicing.

Carado A Series External Min - Cranham Leisuresales Ltd

Carado A-Series


Carado’s classic motorhome, an amazing feat of space-saving design with its overcab bed. There’s plenty of room for family and friends, and lots of holiday fun to be had.


Body & storage space

Ready for anything? A Carado motorhome is made from durable, waterproof materials, coming with a seven-year water ingress warranty. Got something bulky? No worries. The back of the vehicle has plenty of room to store these items neatly out of sight.

Living room

You’ll love how the space is always illuminated with indirect lighting and high-quality furniture. In addition, there are plenty of USB sockets, energy-efficient LED lighting, and ergonomic armrest design to make everything as comfortable as possible.

Sleeping area

Get ready to sleep like a baby! Our high-quality mattresses and alcove beds can be lowered to give you an enhanced sense of space. Safety nets on the high beds ensure you will feel safe and secure.


Kitchens in alcove motorhomes have efficient layouts and offer space for meal preparation, with three-burner hobs, spacious drawers and an integrated fridge with freezer compartment.


A bathroom might come with a toilet and shower or use the alcove model, but all provide handy features such as large mirrors, recessed LED spot lights and cassette toilets.

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