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Hymer Fiat CamperVans

The new generation of Hymer camper vans puts this segment in a whole new light, before you hit the road. The interior design is full of premium materials like cork, leather, ceramics, and solid-surface material borrowed from the impressive Hymer Venture S. New furniture details like drawer hinges and overhead locker adjustments are incorporated into the legendary Hymer living space.

Thanks to new connectivity solutions and improved plumbing and electrical lines, these all-around models are both city-drivers and off-road drivers. They come with everything you need for both everyday driving and a camping trip.

The main advantages

  • Powerful and efficient Fiat engine
  • Unbeatable interior ambience and “feel-good factor” due to improved insulation and optimised hot air distribution
  • One-piece disc-spring mattresses without divisions – for unsurpassed sleeping comfort in the camper van segment
  • Prolonged self-sufficiency thanks to the optional Hymer Smart Battery System 2.0 with up to 240 Ah battery capacity
  • The largest fresh water tank in the camper van segment (110 litres)
  • Insulated and heated under-floor fresh water and waste water tanks
  • Under-floor battery tray with convenient service opening via the vehicle’s interior
  • Pull-out bed ladder that also serves as a storage space partition
  • Electric waste water tank drainage

Exterior design

At Hymer, we don’t adhere to the notion that you have to sacrifice luxury for versatility. That’s why we make camper vans that do it all. They’re agile and comfortable, which means they can be enjoyed no matter what type of journey is at hand.

Get the travel bug at first sight

These compact and versatile camper vans give you a comfortable driving experience with your daily life, and are well equipped for any adventure.

Interior features

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen island, coffee table, or accent table, our furniture collection offers the perfect balance of comfort and style. Whether you’re looking for a stylish dining set or a comfortable sleeping space, we have what you need to get creative with your motorhome.

Perfect hangout for stargazers

The pop-top roof has two features that are uniquely different from any other camper vans on the market – a paint finish that matches the colour of the vehicle’s body, and a wider bed surface than any other pop-top roof in the industry. Complemented by a roof light, an electric lock system, a 12-volt connection, and an LED reading light with USB connection, the Hymer pop-top promises to combine exciting tent structures with typical Hymer comfort. And needless to say, it also offers one of the best price-performance ratios in the industry.

Like sleeping on air

Lattoflex offers the perfect sleep solution with ergonomic material and durable high-tech construction. With their great ventilation system, mildew spots are prevented and you’ll always have a comfortable sleeping area. The entire bed is Made in Germany, and able to be rolled up for easy storage!

Magnificent Skyview

The skyview option on this truck has got you covered. Able to be turned on and off in the van, the skylight creates an unforgettable view for every trip. Furthermore, by regulating the amount of air flow, the sky can decrease how much noise there is from wind. Plus you’ll never miss a thing!

You can equip the new, multifunctional railing as required – just as you want it. Various hanging elements and various kitchen accessories such as hooks, spice racks, shelves, containers, tablet holders, picture clips and kitchen roll holders are just a few of the many possible compatible accessories.

Bathroom splash back in slate

This modern and timeless splash back will bring the ambience of natural stone into your compact or ‘Vario’ bathroom. The material is extremely versatile, easy to clean and offers a beautiful look. And we don’t stop there – we optimise our products for user-friendliness, meaning that the folding washbasin in solid-surface material will keep its position without any manual input. It just does what it’s told!

Significant increase in interior storage space

The Hymer has a lot of storage space. They solved the problem by installing water tanks under the floor. This has increased both available space and interior flexibility. The quality of the water does not matter because the tanks are hidden under the floor and it’s easy to clean them up.

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Hymer Free S

You deserve to be spontaneous; take a rest from everyday life and leave the mundane behind. This is possible with the Hymer Free S, based on the front-wheel-drive Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It offers a unique way to let loose and enjoy things wherever you go. With its powerful engine and comfortable features such as Mercedes 9G automatic transmission and top-of-the-line assistance systems, it’s your perfect companion for small trips or big adventures alike.

The main advantages

  • Mercedes front-wheel drive with optimum efficiency as well as superb roadholding and traction, even in wet conditions
  • Up to 2 metres of standing room in the living area
  • Electric waste water tank drainage
  • Convenient pull-out bed step
  • Modern and fresh interior with a light furniture finish, silver colour accents and trendy laminates

Exterior design

The new Hymer Free S, based on the front-wheel-drive Mercedes Sprinter chassis, offers one of the most comfortable and adventurous options.

Sporty and chic – in every situation

The Hymer Free Sis designed for urban, outdoor and adventurous living. Wherever you want to be, the Hymer Free S will feel like home.

Interior features

TheHymer Free S is outfitted with many great features that are sure to leave you satisfied. The sporty and modern interior design will have you planning trips for years to come.

Modern design meets luxurious furnishings

The Hymer Free S is designed for the modern traveller. Matt white surfaces and silver-grey details pair perfectly with oak accents to offer that exclusive Hymer charm.

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Hymer Free S Blue Evolution

The Hymer Free S Blue Evolution is the perfect entry-level range for those who want to go camping in a couple or with friends. There’s plenty of space to relax inside and the equipment ensures that you can enjoy your time away from home. You’ll also love the sporty design of the CamperVan, which looks great and will stand out on the roads or campsites.

The Hymer Free S Blue Evolution model exudes a holiday mood – and with its sporty, modern equipment, it’s ideal for all first-time campers who want to get acquainted with the world of camping.

Jam-packed with features

With just a few simple steps, the Hymer Free S Blue Evolution can be your new go-to camper.

Flexible interior

A clever and flexible interior design concept means that there is plenty of room for up to four happy campers to be comfortable.

Stylish design

This special edition of the bike has a sporty and modern appearance thanks to the blue and black paint finish.

A real head-turner

The Hymer Free S Blue Evolution is designed to impress with its gorgeous blue exterior design and black details on the pop-top roof, 16″ alloy wheels, windows around the side of the camper and on the rear, too.

Relaxed Driving

Superb fuel efficiency and a quieter ride are just two of the benefits that come from our 9-gear automatic transmission. It makes gear changes smoother and easier so you never have to worry about it.

You and all your guests will enjoy the living area of the Hymer Free S Blue Evolution, which extends by 7 square metres, no matter what the weather is doing.

Tasteful interior

The modern design of the locker room includes a polished silver finish and white lockers. The two-tone grey fabric goes great with dark wood flooring.

Two-room camper van with a view

The Hymer Free S Blue Evolution is doubles as a camper trailer and a caravan. It’s equipped with a pop-top roof and offers 4 berths, even though its exterior length is just 5.93 metres.

Multi-talented multimedia system

The MBUX multimedia system with a 26 cm (10.25 inch) touchscreen offers you all the entertainment, navigation and communication features you need while driving. It comes with a reversing camera that lets you see what’s in your way when backing up, giving you more peace of mind.

From the road to the campsite, the Hymer Free S Blue Evolution is your vehicle for unforgettable experiences. It’s equipped with everything you need to fully enjoy the freedom of camping and more.

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Hymer Grand Canyon S

Take the CamperVan for a drive and you’ll see an unparalleled level of comfort that you can’t find in any other vehicle. With the Mercedes-Benz chassis you get powerful motors, a luxuriously appointed interior, and ease of driving on highways. Just hop in and hit the road – you deserve to explore your world!

Get out there and do what you really want to do! With the HYMER Grand Canyon S, you’ll soon be hooked on those spontaneous getaways. The fabulous vehicle dynamics and excellent driver assistance systems leave you free to enjoy your journey to its fullest. And since intelligent interior organisation, optimised noise insulation, and a 90-liter compressor refrigerator are always on board, now all you need is an excuse to go – so get moving!

The main advantages

  • Four-wheel drive available as optional extra
  • Unique two-room concept thanks to optional pop-top roof
  • Kitchen with tall refrigerator
  • Numerous assistance and safety systems as standard
  • Powerful Mercedes rear-wheel drive for sporty and agile driving comfort

Exterior views

If you want to escape for a while, get out and do something fun, we’re here to help. The Hymer Grand Canyon S Camper Van is perfect for a new adventure, whether it’s big or small.


Two wing doors mean you can quickly and easily load up for your spontaneous weekend trips with ease.

Interior features

The walnut finish on the modern furniture creates a cozy, living-room-like feeling. The cosy atmosphere is created by the fabric side walls and flooring. This set has everything you need to feel at home, no matter where you are in the world.

Grand Canyon S Cross Over External Min - Cranham Leisuresales Ltd

Hymer Grand Canyon S Cross Over

Freedom in a new dimension! The Hymer Grand Canyon S Cross Over edition can be used on its own for 10 days, perfect for long trips into the unknown.

Where adventure comes as standard

The Hymer Grand Canyon S Cross Over model is the perfect vehicle to travel knowing that you’ll have a fully-capable and reliable ride. From its suspension lift to its four-wheel drive, this car can help you get anywhere you need and stick around for up to 10 days.

1st Place in the Camping Life Trophy for the Hymer Grand Canyon S Cross Over

The Hymer Grand Canyon S Cross Over has been voted by AutoZeitung readers as the Best Panel Van to Serve as A Camping Bus over 5.30m in length. The edition model is the perfect companion for a trip into the unknown – because of its elevation and all-wheel drive, any destination is accessible and at the same time it allows you to travel independently for up to 10 days.

Selected Highlights

  • Be self-sufficient on your travels.
  • Thanks to the comprehensive standard equipment package including a solar installation, you can camp self-sufficiently for up to 10 days, all year round.
  • Suitable for off-roading.
  • The combination of the suspension lift, all-terrain tyres and four-wheel drive means that there are no limits to where you go next.
  • Striking look.
  • The exterior design featuring a black metallic paint finish and the bright, neon yellow CrossOver decals emphasise the rugged design.
  • Self-sufficient heating.
  • The economical 6 kW diesel heater with an electric bar heater and altitude kit will keep you cosy and warm when off the beaten track, even at a height of over 1,500 metres.

Clever storage space

Our new CrossOver overhead lockers offer a clean and modern look, with lots of storage space inside. The net pockets under the lockers add even more room for odds and ends. And, there’s no need for large gas tanks – our diesel heating system keeps all our spaces warm, including the gas locker that can be used as extra storage space!

Dream of adventure

This room has disc-spring beds with cold foam mattresses, which we believe will result in sound sleep during the night.

Self-sufficient power supply

The Hymer Smart Battery System, with two 150 Ah lithium batteries and an inverter, provides power for days on end, so you can enjoy the highest degree of self-sufficiency.

Let there be light!

The LED light bar above the cab and the integrated fog lights provide you with excellent visibility on the road.

A comfortable ride on any terrain

Thanks to permanent all-wheel drive (4MATIC) and electronically controlled, variable torque distribution (Torque-On Demand), you can expect increased traction and better stability with a ride that’s even more comfortable than ever before. We guarantee excellent grip in any terrain.

Freedom, for as long as you want it

When it comes to making a major decision like choosing your next vehicle, you need to know you’re making an informed choice. With the attractive savings and comprehensive packages, we’re making it easy for you to choose the right Hymer vehicle. With our offer, you can take the Hymer Grand Canyon S Cross Over on your next adventure and break new ground!

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Hymer Free

In short, this van is for adventure. It’s lightweight and goes where you want it to with a sturdy Fiat chassis and all the modern conveniences of home. Life is an adventure so why not make the world your oyster?

The world is your oyster

These CamperVans have been designed with comfort in mind. They offer plenty of storage space and are easy to drive, so you’ll be free to explore the great outdoors whenever you want.

What if you could have an off-road vehicle that was tailored to your needs? You decide when and where, ensuring the time you spend on the street is as awesome as possible. That’s precisely why we designed the Hymer Free – to give you the freedom of choice!

The Hymer Free is an amazing vehicle, with a modern interior design and high-quality finishes. This allows it to be a perfect travel companion at any altitude. It will amaze you with its many features and support. You can even get the option of sleeping roof upon request, giving you four berths in an instant.

The main advantages

  • Powerful and efficient Fiat engine
  • Unique two-room concept thanks to optional pop-top roof
  • Compact vehicle length under six metres
  • Extra berth created by converting the seating area into a bed
  • Modern and fresh interior with a light furniture finish, silver colour accents and trendy laminates

Exterior views

You can live spontaneously and go on sudden trips with the new Hymer Free. Things like traffic, roadblocks, and deadlines won’t bother you anymore. You get to decide when or where to go with your new car!

On the safe side

The Hymer Free offers a variety of features that allow you to drive safely and confidently. These include the optional daytime running lights, which are always on, thanks to their highly visible design.

Interior features

The Hymer Free is a camper that creates a feeling of freedom and adventure. Its premium interior design invites you to get outside and do adventurous things. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, experience the thrill of the open road, and have some epic adventures!

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Hymer Free Blue Evolution

If you love camping and adventures on wheels, the Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution edition is the perfect camper model to start with. You’ll always have a piece of home with you, no matter where your journey takes you.

The sporty and modern starter camper van

You don’t need experience to enjoy camping in your own style. With the Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution edition, you can be confident that you’ll always feel comfortable on the road. Start exploring and make your way towards your destination. Once you’ve arrived, you can feel like a pro!

Jam-packed with features

The Hymer Free Blue Evolution is perfect for camping trips! With its many features, you can head to the campgrounds without delay.

Flexible interior

You and up to three other people will have plenty of space in this clever campervan design.

Stylish design

The Storm Blue Metallic and Black designs create a sporty and modern impression.

Tasteful interior

The inside has a crisp, modern look with white locker doors, two-toned grey fabric, and polished silver finishes.

Refreshingly independent

With the Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution, enjoy all the amenities you need for your daily life in just about any location. The bathroom includes a shower with a wooden plank floor, giving you all the comforts of an everyday at-home experience.

Two-room camper van with a view

The Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution has a pop-top roof, which means it offers up to 4 berths for its compact layout and exterior length of just 5.41 meters.

Covered terrace

The Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution is the perfect opportunity for you to have living space as well as storage. Come rain or shine, the awning extends by 7 square metres, taking an area of underused space indoors and outside. You can live anywhere and explore anytime thanks to its flexible design – at home or on the road.

Relaxed driving

Sleek, comfortable, and packed with a lot of special features like the 140 hp Fiat Ducato engine, 90-litre fuel tank, cruise control with the addition of more cool things. The Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution is perfect to help you on your next trip!

A real head-turner

Hymer Free 540 Blue Evolution with Storm Blue Metallic paint and black accents, like the 16-inch alloy wheels and pop top roof.

Make waves in Storm Blue Metallic

You’ll be thirsting for adventure and independence with the Hymer 540 Blue Edition camper van. You’ll enjoy a comprehensive equipment package, as well as an attractive price advantage.

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Hymer Free 600 Campus

The Hymer Free 600 Campus is a bi-colour van with a sleek and sophisticated paint job, giving you unparalleled style on the road every time.

For adventurers and workaholics

The Hymer Free 600 Campus is made for any first-time camper who wants a sophisticated and reliable trailer. With its bi-colour paint finish and maxi axles, it’s ready for the road!

100% ready for the road

All you have to do is purchase the comprehensive edition package and you’ll be on your way – with everything you need for a cross-country tour.

Flexible everyday companion

From going on holiday to visiting friends, the Hymer Free 600 Campus is versatile enough for any occasion.

Plenty of room for the kids too

Thanks to the pop-top roof and ISOFIX attachment points, your family can travel safely and comfortably together.

Refreshingly independent

The Hymer Free 600 Campus campervan is equipped with a full bathroom, including a stall shower. This gives you the luxury you need to remain as independent as possible even when you’re off the beaten track.

A cosy yet spacious feel

The polished silver design and spare white lockers give the interior of this new space an airy and spacious feel. The cushions and kitchen bag add hints of colour for a comfortable and homely touch.

Two-room camper van with a view

With a pop-top roof and comfortable sleeping system, the Hymer Free 600 Campus can accommodate up to four people in comfort. This feature makes sure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Relaxed driving

Powerful, reliable, and well-equipped, this camper is ready for anything! The awesome Fiat Ducato engine will get you where you need to go. You’ll have cruising control to make your journey a breeze. If you’re going on any kind of trip at all, be sure to bring the Hymer Free 600 Campus with you..

Covered terrace

No matter the weather, the awning will extend the living area of your Hymer by a good 8 square metres.

Makes a great first impression

The striking bicolour exterior features Grigio Campovolo, 16″ alloy wheels, and design graphics that make your Hymer Free 600 Campus a sporty campervan.

Set goals, not limits

The Hymer 600 Campus is the perfect companion for any situation, whether you want to use it as an occasional campervan or mobile office, or to get your weekly shop. The edition model provides comprehensive equipment at a great price.

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